Type of tickets

1.1 – Full Night Pass: this type of ticket grants admission to the "Maniace" on the evening of July 30, July 31, of August 1.
1.2 – Single Day Tickets: this type of ticket grants admission to the "Maniace" on the evening of July 30, July 31, of August 1

Ticket purchase

2.1 – At the time of ticket purchase, please check for any errors and/or omissions.
2.2 – The Organizer is not responsible for any ticket duplication or tampering. For tickets with a QR Code, electronic readers at the entrance gate will deem valid the code linked to the purchase once only and will consider invalid any subsequent access with the same code.
2.3 – The holders of tickets purchased online must show an ID at the entrance gate.
2.4 – The seats will be assigned on-site by the organizer according to the provisions in force at the time of the event.
2.5 – When purchasing two or more tickets with the same transaction, the purchaser declares his / her responsibility to purchase the tickets for relatives.
(Relatives are defined as: the ascendants, the descendants, the spouse, the party in a civil union between persons of the same sex, brothers, sisters, relatives in the same degree, uncles, and nephews. The list is expanded by the reference to "jurisprudence on civil liability", which includes "spouses, cohabiting partners, partners in civil unions, people who are linked by a stable emotional bond”.)
2.6 – The Purchaser of the access tickets assumes responsibility for the truthfulness of the personal data entered at the time of purchase, also with reference to the names, surnames, and contacts (email and/or telephone) of the user of each access ticket, and responds in the event of a false or mendacious declaration, as required by art. 76 of the D.P.R. 445/2000.

Ticket transfer

3.1 – Using the tickets for commercial, advertising, or promotional purposes is not allowed without the Organizer's authorization.
3.2 –You can sell your tickets to others free of charge or for a maximum price equal to what was paid. Since entry to the events will be allowed without exceptions to registered users only, in the event of a name change, it will be necessary to contact assistance@diyticket.cloud.


4.1 – The Organizer has the right to change the place, date, and time of the Event. These changes do not give the right to reimbursement.
4.2 – The Organizer reserves the right to change the program if an artist announced in the program is not able to participate in the event for reasons beyond the Organizer's control. In this case, no reimbursements apply!
4.3 – In the case of the user's withdrawal, the Organizer shall not refund the cost of the ticket purchased. It is not possible to exchange the ticket, not even upon the payment of the price difference.
4.4 – Adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, public transportation strikes, or any other force majeure event does not give rise to ticket reimbursement.
4.5 – In the case of reimbursement, the Organizer shall not reimburse any pre-sale rights. The times and methods of reimbursement shall be established by the Organizer.

Festival Access

5.1 It is not possible to access the event again after having exited the facility.
5.2 – The ticket allows access to the event or the events for which it was issued
5.3 – The Organizer has the right to carry out security checks at the entrance gate of the event facility
5.4 – Bringing food inside the facility is allowed, but liquids are banned. Water bottles and containers for liquids will be confiscated at the entrance. They will not be returned.
5.5 – Objects deemed a threat by security will be confiscated at the entrance gate. They will not be returned.
5.6 – Pets are not allowed in the Festival facilities
5.7 – Individuals visibly under the influence will not be allowed entry to the events and the individual's event ticket will not be refunded.
5.8 – For information on disabled access, write to ortigiasoundsystem@gmail.com


6.1 – Access to the events is forbidden to minors (younger than 18 years old).
6.2 – An ID may be requested at the entrance gate.
6.3 – Tickets purchased by minors shall not be reimbursed.

Media and Personal Data

7.1 – The audience of the Event may be subjected to picture-taking and video and audio recording!
7.2 – The personal data provided by the audience at the time of ticket purchase may be used by the Organizer to send informative newsletters.

Indications for COVID-19 protocol:

  1. 1 – Following any changes in current legislation relating to the COVID-19 emergency:
    a) with regard to curfew time or travel limitation conditions, the start time of the shows may be anticipated or postponed, in which case no refund will be due to the buyer;
    b) in compliance with any new obligations introduced, the Organizer will have the right to establish different rules for access to the room, which the Customer will be required to comply with, under penalty of inability to participate in the Event.

  2. 2 – Access to the implant is allowed only to people with an ffp2 or surgical mask in good condition. For all events, the mask must be worn throughout the event and during any movement; the foregoing is valid unless otherwise indicated following any changes in current legislation relating to the emergency from COVID-19.

  3. 3 – Upon entering the events, it is mandatory to undergo body temperature measurement using a thermo-scanner. For this reason, it is recommended to arrive well in advance of the starting time of the events. Access to people who have been found to have a temperature higher than 37.5 ° C will not be allowed for any reason. People who are found to have a higher temperature will be invited to leave;

  4. 4 – At the end of the event, it is mandatory to strictly adhere to the instructions of the service personnel for compliance with the outflow procedures.